Chatoyant History (Lindsey Jordan)

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Lindsey’s debut album, “Chatoyant History” will take you on an emotional roller coaster of a journey through the past, stories from the present and conveys sincere guidance for the future. If there’s one thing Lindsey knows how to do, it’s write what she knows.

The first release, Jenny’s Angel, is in honor of Dana Hester, Lindsey’s dear friend and mentor. Dana passed away in 2018. His memory lives on with those he loved everyday. Dana was a kind hearted, fun loving, talented man. His charisma was so big that it carried his reputation on to thousands who never even got the chance to encounter his immense character and endless patience. A true ROCKSTAR.

If you want to experience something truly genuine, without interruption from the “business”, this album is for you. Like, Share and God Bless.


– CD includes 11 original tracks

– Shipping July 23, 2021

– Proceeds from Jenny’s Angel benefit To Write Love On Her Arms suicide prevention charity.

“Coming out of a decade long musical dry spell, so to speak, Lindsey Jordan has written several songs that harness every human quality. There’s something here for all walks of life, without doubt. I’m extremely confident you’ll all agree. From loss and heartache, remembrance and dedication, guidance and advice, to love and family. She left no stone unturned.” – Jon Lawhon

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